Blessed Be, Alafia, Ase, Namaste or whatever is the greeting you hold close and deep within your Chi or Ori

If you are reading this it is because, at the very least, you are seeking for greater understanding but not sure what path is calling you, or you have a path but feel you need to continue your search for knowledge.

On the other hand, you may be certain that Wicca or Witchcraft is for you. You may have been practicing for many years. However, you are still looking for another perspective, different information or continuing education. The beauty about Wicca is that no two practices and perspectives are alike.  Each practice is as different as a snowflake, and you may have noticed that when reading different books about witchcraft. 

To give an example, let’s say two Witches are standing together and looking up at the Moon, and they see two different things. One may look up and see a halo surrounding the Moon, which may tell them that it will rain tomorrow. The other may look up to the Moon and see an extra dark shadow, which may tell them that they will have good fortune for the coming day. Each Witch sees with different eyes, and each Witch can teach a Witch. We are all teachers of our own Craft, and we all can learn from each other.  

 Because I believe in the philosophy of “each Witch can teach a Witch,” I present my offering of my fair share from this online course. 

While many of us have access to mentors and studies for African Traditional Religions and their diaspora, there are no or next to none for Wicca, from an African American perspective, that offers mentorships or trainings. 

As an African American it is always important, spiritually, to hear the voice of one’s culture in a religion or a spirituality. Therefore, knowing Wicca from an African American Perspective is like chicken soup for the soul, with okra, and maybe a side of collard greens. 

Let’s face it folks, our spiritual palate is different.  We can’t just add salt and pepper. We need the seasoning salt, some onion powder, some garlic powder and maybe even a little cayenne. We need to bring in the energies of our Ancestors as others bring theirs unto their Wiccan altars. 

In this present offering I have written nine lessons along with eight quizzes. The final lesson, lesson 9, is an abbreviated Book of Shadows, in which there is no quiz.

Please note that a new lesson opens, or unlocks, 7 days after you start the previous one. This is to give you time to digest a lesson a week at a time.

While this may not be the taste for many of the fast or insatiable readers, know that most courses do a year and a day. This means that that their lessons unlocks every month with 12 lessons. 

The First Lesson guides you briefly from my own beginnings, and my feelings, as I felt guided by the Spirit into the mysteries of an unknown path. It talks about my awakenings and my discoveries. It talks about how the spiritual bread crumbs came together and began to click for me. 

I felt this was important to relay, because many African American Pagans have told me that they had similar bread crumbs in their lives leading them to their paths also. So, if you felt that same gravitational spiritual pull, it can be a consolation or even affirmation that you are not unique, but it is a part of your journey.   

Lesson Two is one of the longer lessons, but one that may be important to you. It not only goes into the definitions of Witchcraft, but it also gives definition about some other practices, that may or may not be associated with Wicca like Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Sorcerery, Hedge witchcraft or Chaos Magick. It will also give you some Q and A for some questions one might ask about for Witchcraft or Wicca. 

Lesson Three discusses Wicca and why you might be attracted to it. It describes what a Wiccan is verses basic Witchcraft, and it details the Sabbats and Esbats. It also discusses its principles, practices and tools. 

Lesson Four delves into the types of magick (dark, light and gray). It also reviews the basics you must know for good magickal practices and some of the many types of divination. 

Lesson Five reviews skills one must hone in on for good magickal practices, like visualization and some types of meditation. It also reviews mediums like crystals, herbs, charms, numerology, sympathetic magick and astrology. 

Lesson Six engages into the basics of spell casting and creating a spell from beginning to end. It even discusses what to do after the spell has been cast. It clearly details how to be successful at it. 

Lesson Seven goes into the factors of a ritual from offerings, Wiccan sacrifices, sacraments, calling of the Watchtowers and the casting and releasing of a circle. 

Lesson Eight reviews the Ethics of Wicca and its guidances.  These guidances are the glue that makes Wicca a religion instead of just a practice. These guidances are considered types of counsel or advise, and optional mystical written suggestions that helps one along their spiritual path, if they choose to consider them. Since Wicca is the religion of Light Workers, our guiding principles helps us on our journey. 

Lesson Nine, the last lesson, opens to an abbreviated version of a Book of Shadows with a few useful spells, affirmations, a poetic story and a special recipe at the end. 

After each lesson there will be a quiz available to take. Students have a week to learn a lesson and then take its quiz. After one week another lesson and quiz will populate for you to take. At the end of your completed lessons, you are eligible for a certificate from the African American Wiccan Society.   

This course promises to be informative no matter what your level of Witchy practice. It also offers short parables as lessons on life and magick. Each Witch can teach a Witch. After you have completed this course you can make an appointment with me for a mentor session to help you get started along your path. 

I do hope you choose this course to help to get you started on your next spiritual journey. May you find all that you seek. May you blessed be, and Ase’. 

African American Wiccan Online Course Study: Plus 1 Mentoring Session

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