Obey the Wiccan spiritual law, and in your endeavors
there’ll be no flaw...

ii. Love and happiness the Universe bequeaths, the more you
give the more you’ll receive.

iii. Cast your circle and cast it thrice, else spirits will enter, and
you'll pay the price.

iv. Fortify your spell and every time, say it that it will rhyme.

v. The Universe speaks but not many hear, so be reverent in all
things and it will come clear.

vi. As the Lady moon approaches full, use her blood as divining

vii. As the Lady begins to fade, for your sorrow ask for aid.

viii. When the Lady moon is new, fresh endeavors you pursue.

ix. When the Lady is full and ripe, passions are true, so find
your type.

x. Give respect to Oya when she works her broom, for when
the dust settles, new flowers will bloom.

xi. When energy enters from the east, prepare for adventure and
set the feast.

xii. When energy enters from the south, be not discouraged,
success will out.

xiii. When energy enters from the west, take it slow, hope for the

xiv. When energy enters from the north, heed its message, bring
truth forth.

xv. Elder is the Lady’s tree, burn other woods, leave Elder be.

xvi. Turn wheel, wheel turn, on Beltane the fires burn.

xvii. Wheel turn, turn wheel, light the log when it is Yule.

xviii. When winter snow comes out the blue, remember that the
“Horned One” rules.

xix. Respect all of nature, bird and tree, for by Our Lady blessed
you’ll be.

xx. Respect the Lady and Lord you must, with perfect love and
perfect trust.

xxi. If you have a dire need, avoid temptation of immoral deeds.

xxii. Be careful with whom you lay and sleep for you are judged
by the company you keep.

xxiii. Open your door for those in need, friendship and charity
plant fertile seed.

xxiv. Bad or good deeds, the threefold law, three times bounce
from off its wall.

xxv. When evil spirits beset you, remember the star and the color

xxvi. Be true to love pound for pound, for what goes about, comes
back around.

xxvii. Do these eight words if no others you fulfill:
“If  yeh harm none, do what yeh will.”
A Wiccan's Rede
The Official AAWS Version
One difference between a Witch and a Wiccan is that Wiccans desire to
"The Wiccan Rede", and for the most part, general practicing Witches do
not. The Wiccan Rede is a poetic list of guides that Wiccans follow
throughout their spiritual path. Wiccans follow the guide of
"harming none
and doing what thy
This guide was originally offered in a Pagan magazine publication
called "Green Egg" in 1975. The Rede is a one-page list of lyrical and
poetic lines. These lines offers the possibility for a successful practice if
followed. Our version
submitted here is an altered version for the AAWS use.  
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